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Our secret to your outsourcing success?

We are the call center of the future and our agent workforce is 100 percent remote. And guess what - we were operating this way BEFORE the pandemic.

Our agent work from anywhere model means we save our clients 20-30% on cost compared to brick and mortar BPO companies and offshore call centers; and up to 70% less than hiring in office staff.  Our NEXGEN Virtual Office platform means we’re not limited to a geographical talent pool. We recruit top talent and experienced callers who want to work – from all over the country, and when needed, from all over the world, giving you agents in your location speaking the native language of your customers. While other call centers and BPO companies struggle with training and see high turnover of agents, we are thriving with less than 10 percent employee attrition annually – even during and after the COVID pandemic.

We manage our remote team of agents in NEXGEN Virtual Office, a management platform where your company's in house team is encouraged to have as much direct access to their NEXGEN extended team as they need... working collaboratively in a digital environment. Whether you're looking for a hands off turn-key outsourced team or an integrated extended team, we adapt to your company culture and provide the structure and access so you can future proof your investment.

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Every time you expand your staff by hiring "in office" team members you accrue costs in office space, furniture and equipment, IT support and HR. With NEXGEN Contact Solutions, your team can rapidly expand and your costs are fixed, manageable and drastically reduced. 

Increase Quality

When a service team is expertly trained to do one thing they become more skilled, more efficient, and higher achieving than a team pulled in a variety of directions. 

Global 24/7 Reach

If you serve customers or clients all over the world, NEXGEN Contact Solutions can cover your support lines 24/7. Don't let your home location time zone limit your ability to serve worldwide.

Targeted Training 

We flip your outsourced team from a cost center into a profit center.  Our expert targeted training teaches proactive service & customer retention which results in revenue for you.

Transparent Reporting

Improving performance while reducing costs is the goal of working with a partner like NEXGEN Contact Solutions. Our inbound/outbound call per hour rate is high and our refusal rate is low. 

Proven Best Practices

Our leadership has a combined 100+ years in managing BPO agents, call centers, sales teams, customer service "win back" agents and political call center agents. This is our core business and we have it down to a science. Let us bring our expertise and be the solution to your contact management and outsource challenges.  

Done right, working with a Contact Center Partner can significantly improve your quality and efficiency. 

An Integrated Culture

Discover how working with NEXGEN Contact Solutions is different from what you might think about outsourcing. 

Powered by Technology

Our technology is state-of-the-art. We take advantage of emerging tech in omni channel, digital transformation, case management systems and a workforce management platform. 

Our Services

Our network of agents are ready to support your business. We specialize in building you a remote team providing an array of services.

  • Inbound Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition
  • Outbound Sales
  • Upsell and Cross-sell Sales
  • Inbound Corporate Sales Support
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Fulfillment and Returns
  • Survey Calls and Market Research
  • Political Insights, Voter ID, Voter Issues Polling
  • Donor Cultivation & Lapsed Donor Reactivation
  • Subscription Retention or "win back" Calls
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